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Portugal | Agente: DIVACITY

Looking for a plausible enough reason to live, a purpose in life, I am not satisfied with small goals, I always kept in my heart the feeling of one day wanting to make a difference, of being valued, of being able to be independent and of being able to say that the merit was all mine, but on the outside its like I was adrift in my life, which was always very disconcerting, as I got older and mature I began to gain resilience, express my opinion, not tolerate being stepped on by anyone nor living in someone elses shadow, smoothing over edges and setting goals, go big or go home they say, which for me fits like a glove, if Im here to live, let it be serious from now on, let it be to show my courage and determination, let it be worth it until my last day without regrets and say that at least I tried to fight for my goals to the limit. Nice to meet you, My name is Feisty
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Estatura (cm): 159 | Medidas: | Zapato: 36 | Pantalón: 32 | Camisa: XS | Bras: 32B | Ojos: | Piel: Blanco | Cabello (color): Marron Claro | Cabello (tipo): Ondulado | Tatuajes: Yes



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