Economize money and time

It is a photo shoot that you do yourself with your cell phone. We direct you, and professionally edit the photos obtained.

It's good for me?

Only you can answer. We recommend these mini sessions of selfies when:
  1. You want to do casting online in the different agencies of the world, using our free system "Make 100 castigs".
  2. You do not have money to pay for a professional photo session for each casting. Remembering that you should not send the same photos to all agencies because each one has its own standards.
  3. You want social networks as a model, and every week you need new photos that look professional but are spontaneous, including some selfies, some day-to-day photos, etc., the photos that your followers love and that you should present in good quality to be taken seriously.

What I need?

  • The camera of your cell phone.
  • Send the form.
  • Wait for the answer.
  • Kit Mini

    • 3 Photos
    • Basic edition
    • Reception and send by Telegram.
    • Maximum resolution of 2MP
      (Good for Internet).

    Kit Professional

    • 6 photos
    • Basic edition + professional filters.
    • Correction of imperfections in the skin.
    • Reception and send by Telegram.
    • Maximum resolution of 2MP
      (Good for Internet).

    Kit Diva

    • 12 photos
    • Advanced edition: includes professional filters, correction of imperfections in the skin, improvement of facial features and others that we consider good for you.
    • Reception and send by Telegram or Email.
    • Maximum resolution of 14MP
      (Good for Print and for Internet.).

    Send photos in good quality

    Send the photos in the best quality possible because if the photos are larger than the allowed size, they will be reduced, but if the photos are smaller than the allowed size, they can not be enlarged.

    Tips I Want

    Make Photos!

    WhatsApp. Ex: +1 (000) 000-0000

    Mini, Professional or Diva

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