Smart Cards

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Imagine sending by WhatsApp your business cards to thousands of boutiques, and the owners clicking and entering your diva page and social networks, or imagine delivering your cards physically and the owners entering in your diva page when placing their cell phones in front of them. Do you think it would increase your chances of being hired? We believe so!

Ok ...

That's what these smart cards do, they connect your diva page with the physical world. Each card you deliver is a gateway to your website.

But what is it?

It is a PDF design for physical presentation cards, with a visual design linked to your professional website (your profile) in DIVA.CITY and a QR code, which can be read by most cell phones using the camera. In other words, you put your cell phone in front of the card and your website opens on the screen!

How does it work?

Follow these steps:

  1. You pay the card on this page.
  2. We make graphic design.
  3. You return to this page within 72 hours, download your PDF and print it wherever you want.

What includes?

PDF design

  • Front: name, surname, WhatsApp, email, Instagram and URL of your website in DIVA.CITY.
  • Back: the first of your photos on your website, QR code.
  • Front and verse: logo of DIVA.CITY.


  • You can download your PDF as many times as you want for a year.
  • After a year, you will have to renew your license because every year we will renew the design of the cards.


First sign in

Follow these steps

If you are already Premium

You just have to click the DOWN button somewhere on this page.

If you are not Premium

Log in to your diva account, click on UPGRADE and switch your account to Premium. Then, go back to this page and you will see the DOWNLOAD button.

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