Make money!

What are VIP photos?

They are those photos that do not deserve to be shown for free, and that from now on you will use smartly to earn money.

Why is that good?

Because many women publish attractive photos in networks, so attractive that they could be sold, but in the networks nobody pays and others end up copying and making money with your photos in other countries, without you knowing. That's why it's better to use this system that offers more security to your public image and helps you make money with those photos.

What type of photos?

The one you want. There are people who sell photos of strange animals, some sell extraterrestrial photos and others sell sensual photos. Choose a style that you like and that suits you. At Diva.City we love the diversity of tastes and we defend freedom of expression. Remembering that the photos also allow us to express ourselves.

Why use Diva City?

  1. Guaranteed money every person who sees your photos.
  2. Legal protection because those people accept a contract.
  3. Your VIP photos connect you with more other features that make money.

How do I do it?

Just click on the button at the end of this information. But read everything before so that you can do better!

How do I attract customers from Instagram?

Do you remember your stories where you write "new photo in my feed"? Well, in the same way you can publish some stories and news that say "New VIP Picture on my Link. Then, when someone wants to see, we will charge them in any country and currency, and we will send you all your monthly payments.

How do I make them want to pay for my photos?

For your photos to produce money, they should have three characteristics:

  1. Be irresistible just by talking about them.
  2. Being impossible to get, without paying.
  3. Have new photos weekly.

It is safe?

Although nothing is 100% safe on the Internet, we use advanced systems to try to prevent your photos from being found, viewed or downloaded by people who have not paid you. In addition, we hide your social networks and WhatsApp, when you activate your VIP Photos. We are also working to hide the VIP option for people from your own country, etc. Your part is to be intelligent. If your photos are sensual, do not show your face and never send private photos directly to visitors. If someone asks you for VIP photos, send your link and pay to see them. With that you already have a good level of security to start.

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