Make money!

How do I earn money?

Many clothing stores, designers, photographers and companies pay for models to take pictures of their products and services. We can announce you in our catalog of available models and you can help yourself using your social networks and your Diva Page.

That I have to do?

  1. Login or register (free).
  2. Click on “My Store”.
  3. Choose a price and, next to it, write “Photo Shoots”.


  1. Place your Diva Link on Instagram to promote your services (free). See how.
  2. Publish yourself in the Digital Magazine to send your page to thousands of people (payment). See how.
  3. Print your Diva City business cards (payment). See how.
  4. If you do not have professional photos ask for one of our remotes or face-to-face photo shoots (payment).



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