For Models

Do you want to model seriously and have a producer invest time to help you?

For Models

Do you want to model seriously and have a producer invest time to help you?

To belong to any agency, you need a contract because only then is there a commitment between you and that agency. Our contract is 100% free and you only pay a fee of five dollars for the digital delivery, review and protection of the document.

How does it work?

The contract allows us to promote and represent the model if we find clients for it. It also guarantees us 34% of all contracts we get for the model, but the model is not obligated to work only with us or to pay us for the jobs gets independently. It is a very flexible and balanced contract.

  1. Request the contract: the enrollment and contract are free. You only give five dollars (US$5) to process your contract.
  2. Sign the contract: Wait 72 hours, log in and you will see the "Sign Contract" button.
  3. Renew the contract: lasts one year.

What are divas?

They are intelligent models, misses and influencers that stand out from the rest when they use our technological tools to be successful in the art industry, faster, easier and more powerfully.

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Understand the contract

  1. The contract formalizes and protects the commitment between the model and the agency.
  2. The contract gives you rights and duties, to improve teamwork and ensure your peace of mind and ours.
  3. The contract lasts one year and to be finalized before, both parties must agree.


  1. We do not allow to read the contract before paying for the download to reduce the risk of theft of our intellectual property and avoid malicious actions.
  2. We do not discuss this, as the contract is free and that fee is for a person to invest their time analyzing your case and release the contract for you. Once this is done, you cannot return that person's time and we cannot know if you have already downloaded the contract. In summary, even if you don't like the contract, we will not make refunds.

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