We love diversity and representation, social change and inclusion. We give opportunities for beginning and advanced models and we help our talents with technology for models, influencers and artists, with a online and 100% free model promotion system or if you want you can pay only $5 to sign our contract for one year and be a Divacity model, always being able to participate in other agencies at the same time.

How It Works [click]

In Divacity there are "Divas" and "Models". The first ones are all those that use and appear on this website for free and the second ones are those that have a contract with us. To sign the contract, just pay the small fee on this page and follow the steps that you will see below.

The contract is optional, because the promotion system for models is free, but if you want to be an official Divacity model and receive more help, it is worth being part of the agency because it is international and has a lot of strength in the market.

If you are interested in modeling or want to be represented in the world of fashion, beauty and showbiz, we are ready to help you and you can start now.

Address 100% online agency
Age From 14 years old.
Be Diva 100% free with your model or influencer website.
Be Model $5 to upgrade your profile to "Premium" which includes the "Agency" feature, where you will see your model contract and the "Zurebook" feature that sends your photos to hundreds of international agencies.
Book Don't require to buy book.
Casting When there are job opportunities, companies enter the system and choose their models.
Support Automatic: for all. / Direct: for those who are called.
Commission The model wins 66% of all contracts and the agency 34%.
Categories All except child
Phone All our support is online.
Email [email protected]
Extra Benefit Your model website for Instagram and TikTok (free)

Divacity is a digital platform to promote models and digital influencers, founded 3 years ago. Although the project is only 3 years old, it is backed by more than 20 years of experiences and previous projects in various countries and in multiple areas of fashion, beauty and art, which is why Divacity is currently one of the best technological platforms for models.

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