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We invest in the model and help you in everything necessary to be discovered, be trained and be promoted. Just pay $ 15 for the evaluation of your profile and if you are approved, you can receive excellent sponsorships and grants.

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CM, represents you, helps you to get contracts and proposals, shows your portfolio 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide and in three languages, receive proposals for you , analyze them and get you the best, offers a good level of protection against fraud and deception, allow you to create your book online, search the best casting in the world for you and helps you to participate in them with one click, gives you certification and digitial and very simple contract system, thus fulfilling all the functions of a complete agency.

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Appear in our catalog is free and if we get a contract or business for you, 85% is yours, 14% ours and 1% goes to works for the benefit of the planet. But if the visitor contacts you directly, 100% is yours!



  • We offer models and actresses in all categories. Professional and beginners.
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  • We offer you the best casting in the world.
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  • We prepare you if you are a beginner.

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Previa casting Miss Venezuela,
región Mérida 2016

Fashion Party III - Brasil, BH 2017

Nuestros cursos

Invitación al Miss Brasil 2013

Levi's 501, Aniversario #140
Venezuela 2015

Fashion File 2014

Invitación al Miss Venezuela 2014

Previa Casting Miss Venezuela,
región Lara 2011

Invitación a Papo de Moda y Expo-Foto, Brasil, BH, UNIBH. 2013

Fashion Party II, Brasil, BH, Savassi. 2016

Elite Model Look, Venezuela 2011

Participación del Miss Venezuela 2013,
región Lara

Más Referencias