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Diva.City is a free agency for divas. The only thing you pay is five dollars of your contract for one year! The agency works around the world through the Internet. It offers online work and helps you to close contracts with other agencies, sell your photos, gives you a professional and free page with your profile, remote photo sessions, business cards, events, courses and you can appear in our magazine.

How does it work?

  1. Pay the fee for your contract (US$5) here: PayPal
  2. Complete the form on this page requesting to be a model of our agency. This service is free. The only thing you need is to sign the contract.
  3. Download, print, sign all the pages, scan and send the contract you will receive and a photo document, to If you are a minor, you must do this together with your parents and send a document with a photo of one of them. They must also sign the contract on all pages.

What are divas?

They are intelligent models, misses and influencers that stand out from the rest when they use our technological tools to be successful in the art industry, faster, easier and more powerfully.

Send photos in good quality

Send the photos in the best quality possible because if the photos are larger than the allowed size, they will be reduced, but if the photos are smaller than the allowed size, they can not be enlarged.

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