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Argentina | Agent: Freelance

I am very good at sports and I learn anything new very quickly, my goal is to be recognized by people for what I like to do is to show new and wonderful things and teach them that they can do anything if they set their mind to it. My life is summed up in primary school, I lived traveling from one place to another, I suffered bullying at school because of my overweight, in high school everything changed for the better, even though sometimes they make fun of me for my body but I already learned to handle it and accept myself ... Currently my parents separated and I came to live alone in an apartment where I study, play soccer, and live with my pet, a dog, I keep working as a babysitter in a familiar family home
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Height (cm): 169 | Measures: 10080120 | Shoe: 39 | Pants: 46 | Shirt: 4 | Bras: 32AA | Eye color: Dark Brown | Skin color: White | Hair color: Dark Brown | Hair type: Straight | Tattoos: Yes



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