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Uruguay | Agent: Freelance

When I was little my way of having fun was making fashion designs, then I sewed them and put my designs on my dolls, I loved making them model and my mom showed me Youtube catwalks, for a small child to see how people they dont know model Maybe it wouldnt be much fun, but for me it was much better than going out to play with my cousins, of course I loved going out to play with them, but my favorite part of the day was seeing those catwalks. I have no modeling experience, but I know a lot about models, I work from home and for as long as I can remember it has always been my dream to be a model, it would be an honor for me if you help me become part of the fashion industry. I am very grateful to anyone who has taken the trouble to read me. Have a nice day.
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Height (cm): 152 | Measures: 815690 | Shoe: 35 | Pants: 28 | Shirt: S | Bras: 32A | Eye color: Blue | Skin color: White | Hair color: Light Brown | Hair type: Wavy | Tattoos: No



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