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Brasil | Agent: DIVACITY

Im a digital influencer blogger. Professional makeup artist and Model, and being a model has been a dream of mine since I was little and Im seeking knowledge every day to grow in the field and achieve my goals, and as an influence I like to bring some tips on clothes and makeup in a different way where all people feel the desire to learn, I make this my way of communicating with people and the world, and I believe that with my humility, my sincerity, my dedication and my respect for everyone I will grow a lot in this life and I know that I have come far, and the objective of all this is to give the best to my family and also to lift up people who, like me, started from scratch where everyone was discredited, and one thing that I admire about myself is my focus and responsibility, when I want I dont give up easily and I always give my best to everything...️️
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Height (cm): 135 | Measures: 47 | Shoe: 3233ou3334 | Pants: 36 | Shirt: M | Bras: 32A | Eye color: Dark Brown | Skin color: Brunette | Hair color: Dark Brown | Hair type: Curly | Tattoos: No


All Black


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