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Beginner Model

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Brasil | Agent: @DIVACITY

I dream of becoming a model forever. And this is due to my personality that when creating a goal, I always seek to achieve it, of course nothing in life is easy. So it takes persistence, and we never give up on our dreams. Overall, in addition to the features I mentioned above, I am dedicated, responsible and keep my focus on 100% so that in the future I do not regret anything. And of course like every good dreamy child, I also had someone to mirror me, and she is Gisele Bündchen. And her career spares comments, right? She expired a lot, so that today I continue in the modeling career, by the character and personality of the same, and mainly by the professional side of it, where already has paraded to the biggest brands and stylists of the world. The model also uses her image to defend social and environmental causes as UN ambassador. And because of these aspects she is the example that many young women follow to realize their dream, professional.
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Height (cm): 1,62 | Measures: | Shoe: 37 | Pants: 36 | Shirt: P | Bras: | Eye color: Dark Brown | Skin color: Brunette | Hair color: Black | Hair type: Straight | Tattoos: No

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