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Brasil | Agent: DIVACITY

Belo Horizonte | 29 years old | Student of Chemistry and English, I always liked photography, fashion and beauty. At 17 I joked with my brother that I was a model and he was a photographer. And in that game, I discovered what made me smile the most. I entered college at 18, and with no conditions to invest, I had to choose and opt for studies, keeping that dream to myself. At the age of 22, I faced a risky pregnancy, and I couldnt finalize the choice or hope to pursue my dream. I experienced postpartum depression, betrayals and was limited in being able to take care of my own daughter. I fought a lot, treated myself, sought strength that only God could give me, and He rebuilt me. He gave me health, gave me a new job, gave me financial and constructive independence, introduced me to people who only added value to me, taught me a lot and among them, a special one, who, when looking at my photos, managed to see my potential, my talent. He signed me up for an agency, and by surprise I was selected. All radiant, dreaming again, hoping that I would live what I wanted so much, I was disappointed. And once again, my dream died in me. I continued to follow the paths God gave me, and He once again smiled at me, and introduced me to Divacity. Despite the frustrations, and the constant fear of remembering my dream, I always heard a voice calling me to go and meet the agency. And I went. I went because my dream wouldnt be in vain, I couldnt believe that I wouldnt be able to accomplish what I dreamed so much, after everything I had already lived. Divacity opened the doors for me, and showed me that it is a real agency Divacity is today, fulfilling my dream To be a model To be happy To be simply me, as I always wanted to be.
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Height (cm): 170 | Measures: 876595 | Shoe: 38 | Pants: 36 | Shirt: M | Bras: 36A | Eye color: Light Brown | Skin color: Brunette | Hair color: Dark Brown | Hair type: Curly | Tattoos: No


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